Mona’s, December Food for Thought

Mona's Tree
My Christmas tree has been set up for over a month. Well, actually it is a palm tree I had on my front deck and just moved it into the living room when the weather was getting cold.

Memories of past Christmases keep creeping into my mind. Mom and dad putting winter clothes on and off as we went to Grandma and Grandpa Williams home on 5th Avenue East. Then back into the COLD car to Grandmas’ brother Erwin and family. Then to their son Richard’s family, back to COLD car to my aunt and uncle, Norma and Lester’s home next to our house. Finally, to our house. What excitement for kids. Adults. I don’t think so.

I have been making Bernie Borovac’s dressing for many years. My mom made great dressing using Jimmy Dean sausage. Pretty much the same as Bernie’s. This recipe is on page 104 of Let’s Party.

Other suggestions for the Holidays is the Crabbies by Marge Frider on page 22, Cousin Diana Rouse’s Brie Kisses on page 26, and you must try the Velveeta Fudge, yes, it calls for velveeta. This is on page 85.

I had a fantastic time in Sauk Centre, MN, lots of great people and silliness going on! This is a picture Of Ben from the Sauk Centre Herald. This is how a reporter should dress when he goes to an event!
Our family always has plum pudding with sweetened white sauce, very British.

Now for dessert…

But how about dessert and a drink combined? What is wrong with that? Page 43 Chocolate Pudding Drink. Yes, RumChata, Godiva Chocolate liqueur and chocolate pudding. Must I say more!?!

A facebook post from a friend!

I love my facebook friends!

The best of everything to all of my family and friends at this special time of the year. Try to keep your kindness going all year long. Health is the answer so is laughter and humor.

Keep smiling,

Mona Meittunen Abel
Recipe Diva / Former Go-Go Dancer