Mona’s, July 2021 Food for Thought!

Good day friends! It has been awhile since we have submitted a new blog. Mona has been fighting some health problems and asked if I could upload an interview she did with, Linda John.

Linda John Bio 
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Linda John is the CEO and founder of Linda John Consulting, LLC, providing Executive Coaching and Destination Consulting services to clients throughout the USA.  From 1993 – 2020, Linda served as the Executive Director for Visit Eau Claire in west-central Wisconsin.  Some of Linda’s top accomplishments at Visit Eau Claire included the development of a successful regional tourism program, the creation of a sports commission for the Eau Claire area, and launching two successful mobile visitor center programs, all resulting in record-setting tourism growth for the region during her tenure. 

In most recent years, John was at the table for the completion of the Pablo Center at the Confluence, where Visit Eau Claire opened its new Experience Center, as well as collaborating to craft the community partnership strategy for the new Sonnentag Event and Recreation Complex. She also was the lead voice in advocating for a new convention center, including the completion of a feasibility study and the development of a collaborative strategy for the project. 

Linda now owns and operates her professional consulting practice, ​Linda John Consulting,​ through which she offers a variety of professional training and human resource development services, including team development and organizational rebuilding initiatives.  

Linda is a Certified Destination Marketing Executive (CDME) and an accredited practitioner of the Integrative Enneagram for both individuals and teams. She holds memberships with Destinations International and the International Coach Federation (ICF).   Linda holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration from Minnesota State University in Mankato and a Master’s of Science degree in Training and Human Resource Development from UW Stout. 

Mona’s interview can be found here:

A little bit about Mona…

Mona Meittunen Abel

Mona Meittunen Abel
Author and Entrepreneur; Self-described Recipe Diva and Former Go-Go Dancer
Latest Book: “Let’s Party!”
13039 Memory Lane, Side Lake, MN 55781

Just a little about me and my past… North Hibbing on Minnesota’s Iron Range was where I was born during a Halloween storm of the century (the year is unimportant). This makes me an Iron Range Blueblood. Packsackers who came to the area later could not put this on their resume. 

Hibbing is my town (also for Bob Dylan).  Although I was gone for 17 years with stints in St. Louis, San Antonio and a longer stay in the Minneapolis “burbs”. This didn’t diminish my yearning to return to my Northern roots.  A cabin bought in 1970 in the Side Lake area, brought my family back and here I still reside. 

About my Business:  

In 2001 I published my first cookbook “To Mom with Love” dedicated to my mother and women from the Iron Range, followed in 2005 and reprinted in 2011, “To Dad with Love”, dedicated to my dad and men from the Iron Range. 

In 2019, I published my third and last cookbook, “LET’S PARTY!”, filled with recipes and silliness from Minnesota’s Iron Range. This cookbook has a variety of great appetizers, beverages, and the day after brunch/lunch recipes.  I have also reprinted many Iron Range recipes from my past books, so they are not lost, such as Pasties, Porketta, and Potica (three Ps!) 

Of course, I have a lot of stories that I hope you will enjoy.  There are some quite emotional, but most are just plain silly.  So if you do not cook, enjoy a giggle or two.  How many of you know how to fix a Bendix in an older boat motor?  I DO! 

My proofreader (a retired English teacher) said to me, “Mona, I have never laughed so hard in my life”.  I do not take life too seriously. 

In closing, let us take time to be thankful for our family, friends, acquaintances and pets! Life is so precious and we only get one to live.

Please keep dear friend Mona in our thoughts and prayers!

Love you Mona, our little Recipe Diva / Former Go-Go Dancer. <3