Mona’s, July 2020 Food for Thought!

No parades, no concerts, no big gatherings, but we will get through this together. We are alive and healthy so thank the lord. We must stay safe and above all keep our sense of humor. So read my silly cookbook. This month I am featuring some great tasting recipes.

We will start with this yummy,

Grab a Mason jar and a couple of simple ingredients, and you can whip up delicious ice cream in no time.

This is such a simple yet delicious recipe. If you haven’t made this recipe before, you’re totally missing out. This recipe is also KETO friendly!

My 12 year old grandson is going to help me make this over the 4th. Shake, shake, shake.


Here’s how to make this recipe: ⁣

1 cup heavy whipping cream ⁣
2  ChocZero Peanut Butter cups ⁣
2 tbsp ChocZero chocolate syrup⁣
1 tbsp Splenda Naturals ⁣
1 tsp Mexican vanilla extract⁣
Sprinkle of cinnamon powder⁣
Sprinkle of real (like pink Himalayan) salt⁣⁣

Directions: ⁣
Crumble PB cups & add all ingredients to jar.⁣
Shake for 3-5 mins, until mixture thickens.⁣
Place in freezer for 2-3 hours until ice cream sets.⁣
Top with whip, crumbled PB cups & whip cream. Enjoy.!

This next recipe come highly recommended by my friend Joe Iozzo

Baby Back Ribs

Yes the recipe shows 1/4 cup of black pepper and 1/4 cup of paprika. If you want, use less. Skewers are needed. They were very good.
Makes my mouth water just reading the recipe!

Orange tapioca salad from my friend Judy Williams. If you have forgotten how good tapioca is, this is a recipe for you.

TIP: Make it easier on yourself. Buy Kozyshack tapioca pudding in a carton at Walmart (located by the yogurt) add equal amount of cool whip, one small can of drained mandarin oranges and one pkg of dry orange jello. Tastes great.)

Below is Judy’s recipe from the past. The Tapioca pudding has not been prepared yet.

Blast from the Past!


My good friend Renee Mattson from Duluth gave me this tasty recipe. Anything with sauce makes it good.

Pork Chops in Lemon-Caper Sauce

Thanks for reading my blogs. Pass it on to your friends. If you have a recipe you want to share, please comment on the blog. Have a great 4th and be safe. God Bless America.

So until next month, keep healthy and happy and keep smiling!

Mona Meittunen Abel
Recipe Diva / Former Go-Go Dancer

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